What is Ceramic Decorating?

For centuries, mankind has used ceramic inks to decorate pottery and glassware because of its brilliance and ability to resist fading over time. In recent years, technology has improved upon those centuries-old formulas and created inks with more vibrance that will look as good on day 1 as they do on year 100.

Ceramic decorating, or screen printing, is a decorating method where ceramic inks are applied directly to the surface of the glass bottle and then fired in a lehr at temperatures up to 1200°F. The result is a permanently fused label that will last the lifespan of the glass. Never worry about damaged labels again! Our screen printed labels will never soak, scuff, or fade over time.

The Benefits

Ordering Process

Getting Started

All we need to get started is your label files, the size of the project, and the size of the bottle. From there, our team will put together a project packet including a quote and an art proof for your review. If everything looks right, simply sign the document and we’re in business!


Upon receiving your glass, we will print your bottles according to the specifications on your signed art proof. Press checks are available at prescheduled times and can be arranged by contacting our office.


Once your glass has been decorated the bottles are packaged according to your requirements and shipped to their destination. Pickup from our Paso Robles warehouse is always welcome as well.